Adept - I'm A Threat - חםםםםםם

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כתבתי בית מזמן , לפני כשלוש שבועות , הקלטתי אותו היום.

תודה רבה לשגיא (MC VIRUS) על ההקלטה ועל העריכה.

קישור :



I remember a time when rap wasn't simple

When i didn't have to pop bitches just like a pimple

It's crazy , there's no boundaries it's so hazy

I used to be scared but now it don't phase me

Cause the second you're fronting better be swayze

I got a lot of work to push but i'm "Lazee"

Maybe i'm not a "Bigga Nigga" but i'm "Top Notch"

I'm 100% hip hop bitch "I'm Not Pop"

Real skills that's the real deal , the real MC

Get dismissed from rap like a woman's plea

This is as real as it gets , the realist threat

Spit on the mic make it like a horny pussy wet

It's all about me , not about thee

Cause if rap's Romeo & Juliet , you're thrown of the balcony

End of discussion , or you'll pay the repercussions

I'm a rapper's dream , giving MC's head concussions

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